Umpqua River Spring Chinook are the crème de la crème of any Chinook Salmon on the planet! Which is why people will sit all day on anchor just to catch one! It’s rarely fast and furious but with patience we usually find success.

You’ll fish out of big, new and comfortable Jet Sleds with top and heaters if necessary. We will start from my place, with the boat in the river ready to go! I am located 7 miles south of Elkton, Oregon and fish the most secluded section of the river.

I often combine these trips with Trophy Smallmouth if you like: the big girls will be out at this time! Remember this is ANCHOR Salmon fishing (not for everyone) and two fish is an average day.  Customers will typically play games, BBQ, bird watch, eat, call turkeys, nap…as they wait for a rod to get buried! Bites can come at anytime of day and when they come we will get them! I’ll gladly fillet and package your fish for you.